manitoba fly in fishing
manitoba fly in fishing manitoba fly in fishing
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Moose Hunting: 100% Success rate.

This Bull Moose was taken the last week of September.  The Moose dressed out at 709 lbs and antlers were 56 inches across and score 5th overall for Manitoba 2001.

Our moose hunts are based on a minimum of two hunters, each group of two will have a guide to help ensure your success. The guide will be an experience moose hunter, and will have the skills to call in a moose bull in the rut. Both guides have had the opportunity to hunt these brutes for the last years. Needless to say, both are able to coax and tease most bulls into a shooting position.

If hunting in Bennett Lake you will enjoy our camp facilities, but if at our Three Lakes Outcamp a more rustic cabin is available.  The cabin is 16 x 24 one room style, c/w bunks, propane stove, gas BBQ, all cooking utensils.  Aluminum boats and motors are at each lake and a canoe also available if requested.  Most hunting is from the canoe or from the water and the idea is to call the bull out to the shore line for a clear shot. Stalking a bull is not easily performed in this habitat of swamp, rock and bush which makes it unrealistic. Your success rides in the ability of the guide being able to call well and anticipate how the bull will approach you while calling.

For our resident moose hunts, bring your hunting gear, sleeping bag and food.  Guides are available at an additional cost. You will be on your own with a camp check by float plane at mid hunt.  Our largest moose shot to date was 63" and the next closest was 58", very impressive animals.

If you want an adrenaline rush you have to go Moose Hunting. Experience  having a 1400 lb. Brute less than 50 yards away, barking grunting his challenge and moaning so loud you'd swear he was right beside you. They are usually very vocal when challenged. Thrashing their horns against the trees and brush sounds like a bull dozer coming at you. We have shot them as close as 35 feet, too close for comfort and not recommended. Most shots are 100 to 200 yd.

A one week fly in trip will be custom priced to accommodate each party size needs. We have floatplanes to accommodate groups from 2 to 6. The package would include your flights from our Float Plane Base, camp facilities, boat, canoe, camp equipment. You bring your hunting gear, sleeping bag, and food.

Fly-in Hunting
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